Evita Nestoridi

About Me

I am an Associate Professor at the math department of Stony Brook University. I am supported by the NSF award DMS 2346986.

In the past, I was a Research Associate at the Stats lab of Cambridge University and College Research Associate at Emmanuel College. Before that, I was an Instructor of Mathematics in the math department of Princeton University.

Before joining Princeton University, I was a Ph.D. student of Persi Diaconis, at Stanford University. I also received my Bachelor in Mathematics from University of Athens,Greece.

I am interested in Markov Chains, combinatorics, representation theory and probability.

Contact Information

Email: Evrydiki.Nestoridi [at] stonybrook.edu
Mail: Mathematics Department, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook NY, 11794-3651, USA
Office: Math Tower 4-119